Brenda Penninx (Netherlands)
Personalized medicine in Depression

Charles B. Nemeroff (USA)
Paradise Lost: The neurobiology of child abuse and neglect

Edythe London (USA)
Psychiatric Disorders of Self-Control

Helen Blair Simpson (USA)
Clinical aspects of OCD and current evidence-based treatments

Kathleen Ries Merikangas (USA)
Use of Mobile Technology in Understanding and Treating Mental Disorders

Mauro Carta (Italy)
Towards an evolutionary view of bipolar disorder: a contribution from cross-cultural psychiatry

Melissa DelBello (USA)
Bipolar disorder in youth: an update on diagnosis and treatment

Odile van den Heuvel (Netherlands)
Structure and function of the obsessive-compulsive brain

Stephen M. Strakowski (USA)
The neurobiology of bipolar disorder

Wulf Roessler (Switzerland)
Prevention of suicide – a global perspective

Jair Soares (EUA)
Markers of illness vulnerability and resilience in bipolar disorder

Malcolm von Schantz (UK)
Genetic mechanisms controlling sleep and circadian rhythms and their interaction with mental health

Ramin Parsey (USA)
Serotonergic imaging to predict treatment response to lithium

Humberto Corrêa da Silva Filho (MG)
Peripartum depression: neglected aspects

Antonio Egídio Nardi (BRAZIL)
The influence of comorbidity in the treatment of panic disorder

Luis Augusto Paim Rohde (BRAZIL)
Psychiatry in check: ADHD, Stimulants and “Smart Drugs”

Ronaldo Ramos Laranjeira (BRAZIL)
Cannabis and psychiatry: the last months have changed the clinical practice

Rodrigo Bressan (BRAZIL)
Will neuroscience and new technologies change our practice?

José Alberto Del Porto (BRAZIL)
New possibilities for the treatment of depressions: glutamatergic agents

Monica Zilbovicius (FRA)
Neuroscience and social interactions: contributions to the understanding of typical and atypical neurodevelopment

Maria A. Oquendo (USA)
Biomarkers for suicide subtypes