How to improve cognitive impairment in depression: the role of cognitive remediation therapy

Lecturer: Daniela Roesch Ely (Germany)

Psychiatric Genetics and its promise to to clinical psychiatry

Lecturer: Thomas G. Schulze (Germany)

Bipolar disorder as a progressive illness: Need for earlier intervention

Lecturer: Robert M. Post (USA)

Psychosexual development in childhood and adolescence

Lecturer: Francisco Baptista Assumpção (Brazil)

The pharmacotherapy of pediatric bipolar disorder

Lecturer: Robert Findling (USA)

From temptation to diabolic possession. Cultural, religious and psychic aspects

Lecturer: Alberto Velasco (France)

The use of biomarkers to predict progression from Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) to manifest dementia

Lecturer: Johannes Pantel (Germany)

The stigma of mental disorders – End of the story?

Lecturer: Wulf Rössler (Switzerland)

Resistant depression: definition and therapeutic perspectives

Lecturer: Antônio Nardi (Brazil)

Future of psychiatry

Lecturer: Afzal Javed (Pakistan)

Pre-schizophrenia: early detection and treatment in high-risk individual

Lecturer: Wagner Gattaz (Brasil)

Relationships, Ageing and Equality – addressing sexual and human rights for older people

Lecturer: Kevan Wylie (UK)