Symposia of the Brazilian Association of Psychiatry Departments

Symposium of the Department of Infant and Youth Psychiatry

Title: TEPT in children
Department Coordinator: Francisco Assumpção (SP)
· Reflections on TEPT in children. What we need to know.
Lecturer: Christina Hoven (EUA)
Coordination: José Raimundo da Silva Lippi (MG)
Commenter: Maria Lucrécia Sherer Zavaschi (RS)

Symposium of the Department of Ethics and Legal Psychiatry
Department Coordinator: Lisieux E. de Borba Telles (RS)
Round Table: Forensic psychiatrists in face of serial killers
Coordination: Lisieux E. de Borba Telles (RS)
Subtopics and Rapporteurs:
· Expert report on Brazilian serial killer park maniac – Hilda Morana (SP)
· Psychopathologies of serial killers – Alexandre Valença (RJ)
· Serial killers in global context – Alcina Barros (RS)

Symposium of the Department of Psychogeriatric
Title: Current challenges in psychogeriatrics
Department Coordinator: Valeska Marinho (RJ)

Lecture 1:
· Cognitive evaluation in low schooling: challenges and clinical management
Lecturer: Gilberto Sousa Alves (MA)
Chairman: Valeska Marinho (RJ)

Lecture 2:
· Psychogeriatrics in Germany Current challenges and new therapeutics
Lecturer: Johannes Pantel (Alemanha)
Chairman: Gilberto Sousa Alves (MA)

Symposium of the Department of Sleep Medicine
Department Coordinator: Almir Tavares (MG)
Round Table: Why sleeplessness has changed
Coordination: Almir Tavares (MG)
Subtopics and Rapporteurs:
· Sleeplessness yesterday, today and tomorrow – Almir Tavares (MG)
· Sleeplessness the cognitive behavioral therapy and treatment consolidation – Regina Margis (RS)
· Sleeplessness advantages and disadvantages of pharmacological treatments – Camilla Pinna (RJ)



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