Meeting with the Specialist

Meeting with the Specialist 01
Theme: Doubts in the diagnoses and the treatment of Bipolar Mood Disorder
Speaker: Helena M Calil (Brazil)

 Meeting with the Specialist 02
Theme: Does you patient refers to “Precordial Anguish”? What does that mean?
Speaker: Valentim Gentil Filho (Brazil)

 Meeting with the Specialist 03
Theme: Depression conditions in children aged from 0 to 10 years, how to treat without harm?
Speakers: Kleber Gonçalves de Oliveira (Brazil) and Francisco Baptista Assumpção Junior (Brazil)

 Meeting with the Specialist 04
Theme: Challenges of psychiatric medical examination in times of pandemic
Speakers: Lisieux E. de Borba Telles (Brazil), Alcina Barros (Brazil) and Alexandre Valença (Brazil

 Meeting with the Specialist 05
Theme: Depressive episodes and self-aggressive behavior in childhood and Adolescence
Speakers: Deisy Mendes Porto (Brazil), Lílian Schwanz Lucas (Brazil) and António Alvim-Soares (Brazil)

 Meeting with the Specialist 06
Theme: How we indicate the subtypes of Psychotherapy?
Speakers: Marcos Gebara (Brazil), Osvaldo Luiz Saide (Brazil) and Amaury Cantilino (Brazil)

 Meeting with the Specialist 07
Theme: Insomnia: how to proceed?
Speakers: Marcio Zanini (Brazil), Regina Margis (Brazil) and Almir Ribeiro Tavares Júnior (Brazil)



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