Symposia of the Brazilian Association of Psychiatry Departments

Symposium of Child and Adolescence Psychiatry Department

Chair: António Alvim-Soares (Brazil)

 Subtopics and Reporters:

Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the cognitive and the emotional development of children and adolescents
– Francisco Assumpção (Brazil) 

Assessment of children and adolescents: in the era of COVID-19: ethical and technical aspects
– Luis Augusto Rohde (Brazil)

Debate: Lílian Schwanz Lucas (Brazil) and Deisy Mendes Porto (Brazil)

Symposium of Psychogeriatrics Department

Theme: Psychotherapy in times of Coronavirus. What the experience was
Chair: Marcos Gebara (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

In the context of cognitive therapy
– Wilson Vieira Melo (Brazil)

In the context of interpersonal therapy
– Marcelo Feijó de Mello (Brazil)

In the context of psychanalysis
– Theodor Lowenkron (Brazil)

What psychotherapy can change in your brain?
 – Marcos Gebara (Brazil)

Symposium of the Ethics and Legal Psychiatry Department

Theme: Forensic Psychiatry dealing with personality disorder holders
Chair: Lisieux Telles (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

Assessment of criminal incapacity of anti-social personality disorders
– Jorge O. Folino (Argentina)

Assessment of criminal incapacity of borderline personality disorders
– Alexandre Valença (Brazil)

Assessment of criminal incapacity of narcissist personality disorders
– Alcina Barros (Brazil)

Symposium of Psychogeriatrics Department

Theme: Biomarkers, clinic and non-pharmacological management of dementia – Progress and current challenges
Chair: Gilberto Alves (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

Non-pharmacological management of the behavioral alterations in dementia – learning from the experience with the Covid-19 pandemic
– Valeska Marinho (Brazil)

Mental disorders and ageing: what is the impact from the psychiatric treatment for cognitive decline and dementia
– Gilberto Sousa Alves (Brazil)

Early Diagnostic and Intervention in the Alzheimer Disease – Investigate and Treat Risk Factors and Metabolic Alterations Modifies the Cognitive Decline
– Felipe Kenji Sudo (Brazil)

Biomarkers in the Alzheimer disease – progress and limits in Brazil
– Lucas Porcello Schilling (Brazil)

Symposium of Sleep Medicine Department

Theme: Sleep alterations in psychiatric disorders
Chair: Almir Ribeiro Tavares Júnior (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

Sleep Alterations and Depressive Disorders
– Almir Ribeiro Tavares Júnior (Brazil)

Sleep alterations and anxiety disorders
– Regina Margis (Brazil)

Sleep alterations in bipolar disorder and schizophrenia
– Marcio Zanini (Brazil)

Sleep alterations and substance-related disorders
– Camilla Pinna (Brazil)



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