Special Activity

Special Activity 01      

Part 01

National Medical Residency Conference

Chair: Leonardo Baldaçara (Brazil) and Miriam Gorender (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Presentation of the medical residencies in Brazil (number and what services) – Madeleine S Medeiros (Brazil)
  • Medical Residency: criteria, resolutions and division of the internship – Moema de Carvalho Madeira (Brazil)
  • Competency matrix – Roberta Rossi Grudtner (Brazil)
  • Assessment methods – José Cássio do Nascimento Pitta (Brazil)


Part 02

National Medical Residency Conference

Round Table – The future of the psychiatry education

Chair: António Alvim-Soares (Brasil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Telemedicine – Emmanuel Fortes Silveira Cavalcanti (Brasil)
  • Medical psychotherapy – Amaury Cantilino (Brasil)
  • Ethical and legal aspects for resident physicians – Lisieux E. de Borba Telles (Brasil)


Part 03

National Medical Residency Conference

Round Table: Residents’ mental health

Chair: Marcelo F. Mello (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Residents’ mental health – Sergio Baldassin (Brazil)
  • Proposal of the ranking for the residencies – Alfredo José Minervino (Brazil)
  • Research, graduation monograph and master’s degree during medical residency – Cintia Azevedo-Marques Perico (Brazil)
  • Preparation for insertion of the young psychiatric in the labor market – Cláudio Meneghello Martins (Brazil)


Part 04

National Medical Residency Conference

Presentation of the Porto Alegre letter

Chair: Leonardo Baldaçara (Brazil)


Special Activity 02      

Digital certifications in Brazil – Everything everyone has to know about this for the performance of the profession and in the daily routine

Chair: Antonio Geraldo da Silva (Brazil)
Speaker: Marcelo Buz (Brazil)





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