Forum 01

Theme: ABP/CFM Forum Laws and the prominence in medicine
Chair: Juberty Antonio de Souza (Brazil)
Subtopics and Reporters:

  • General laws that ensure medical practice – Emmanuel Fortes Silveira Cavalcanti (Brazil)
  • Specific laws on health insurance and plans – Salomão Rodrigues Filho (Brazil)
  • How to deal with laws, the code of medical ethics, management and economic order – Antônio Geraldo da Silva (Brazil)

Forum 02

Theme: How medicine graduation and psychiatrist qualification are provided in my country?

  • Enrique Mendoza (Guatemala)
  • Enrique Chavez- Leon (Mexico)
  • Miriam de la Osa Oreilly (Cuba)
  • Carlos Fletes (Nicaragua)
  • Bernardo NG. (Mexico)
  • Luis Villalba (Uruguay)
  • Miguel Ángel de Lima (Venezuela)

Forum 03

Forum FENAEMD-SM and ABP Family competencies in mental disease and its challenges
Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Decision-making independence of the psychiatric patient about the treatment and the family responsibility – Sandra Peu (Brazil)
  • Dehospitalization and lack of assistance: vulnerable families and patients in times of crisis – Rejane de O. dos Santos (Brazil)
  • The importance of the week for awareness about Schizophrenia: revealing the prejudice – Sarah Nicolleli (Brazil)
  • The role of the family in prevention of suicide – Marta Axthelm (Brazil)
  • The trajectory of a patients association: challenges and conquests of ABDA – Iane Kestelman (Brazil)
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