Round Tables

Round Table 01                                   

Theme: Great villains of the cinema: What do psychiatrists have to say?

Chair: Cláudio Meneghello Martins (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Joker – Miriam Gorender (Brazil)
  • Norman Bates – Psychisis – Elie Cheniaux (Brazil)
  • Travis Bickle – Taxi Driver – José Paulo Fiks (Brazil)
  • Stephen King’s Villains – Andres Santos Jr. (Brazil)

                                                                                                                                                                                  Round Table 02                            

Theme: Psychiatry and literature

Chair: Ruy Palhano Silva (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Dom Casmurro a cognitive analysis – Rodrigo Huguet (Brazil)
  • Anguish in the novel nausea – Paulo José Ribeiro Teixeira (Brazil)
  • Crossing fear in Grande Sertão Veredas) – Thiago Guimarães Machado (Brazil)
  • Madness in ward No. 6 by Chekhov – Sérgio Kehdy (Brazil)


Round Table 03                                

Theme: Hypnosis in psychotherapy and psychiatry

Chair: Osvaldo Luiz Saide (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Hypnosis – mediation and spirituality – João Jorge Nogueira (Brazil)
  • Phylogenetic Path of the State of Hypnosis- Amaury José da Cruz Junior (RJ)
  • Use of hypnosis as a complementary technique in clinical management of a PTSD case with dissociative symptoms – Eleonardo Rodrigues (Brazil)
  • Hypnosis: imaginary reality and virtual reality of the panic and agoraphobia anxiety disorder – Clystine Abram (Brazil)


Round Table 04                                  

Theme: The different evils of the XXI century seen through Raphael Montes’ work

Chair: Paulo Kelbert (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Introduction to the work suicides discussion of the criminological, criminal-dynamic and psychopathological aspects – Alcina Barros (Brazil)
  • Perfect days: crimes committed when obsessive love mixes with psychopathy – Lisieux E. de Borba Telles (Brazil)
  • A woman in the dark: mass homicide, personality disorder, pedophilia, Juvenile delinquency – Rafael Heitor Nunes de Rubim Costa (Brazil)
  • Secret supper multiple and serial homicides, cannibalism, psychopathy, malign narcissism, corruption and the high society of Rio de Janeiro – Vivian Day (Brazil)


Round Table 05                                    

Theme: From hell to heaven Therapeutic conducts reinvented over history

Chair: Sergio Cutin (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • The return of the good old antidepressants – Humberto Müller (Brazil)
  • The stabilizer and its multifunction – Lucas Alves Pereira (Brazil)
  • The controversial history of the electroconvulsive therapy – Dennison Carreiro Monteiro (Brazil)
  • The rebirth of psychotherapy – Rafael Thumé Mesquita (Brazil)


Round Table 06                                    

Theme: Clozapine-phobia numberless reasons not to have

Chair: Kalil Duailibi (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Side effects that cause fear and are rare – Raffael Massuda (Brazil)
  • Side effects that do not cause fear, are not rare – David de Lucena (Brazil)
  • Main indications, evidences and use mode – Clarissa S Gama (Brazil)
  • Effects on cognition, functionality and health expenses – Daniela Roesch Ely (Brazil)


Round Table 07                                   

Theme: From implementation to assessment of the results from the treatment of hospitalizations of serious addicts

Chair: Marcelo Priante Pintos (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • From implementation to assessment of the results from hospitalization of addict adolescents in urban therapeutic community – Pedro Eugênio Ferreira (Brazil)
  • Implementation of a hospitalization unit for chemical dependency: from scientific evidence to the challenges in practice – Eduardo Bacelar (Brazil)
  • Models for monitoring and assessment of therapeutic communities – Carlos Salgado (Brazil)
  • Neuro-imaging in forecast of adherence to the treatment in addict patients in therapeutic community – Augusto Martins Lucas Bittencourt (Brazil)


Round Table 08                              

Theme: Uncommon psychiatric syndromes

Chair: Julio Dutra (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Diogenes syndrome hoarding and self-negligence – William Dunningham (Brazil)
  • Clerambault syndrome erotomania – José Reinaldo do Amaral (Brazil)
  • Othello syndrome (Pathological Jealousy) in chemical dependents – Jorge Jaber (Brazil)
  • Cotard syndrome denial delusion – Maria Elisa L. Barros (Brazil)


Round Table 09                            

Theme: Suicide: prevention of postvention

Chair: Rogerio Tomasi Riffel (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Suicide behavior and history of childhood maltreatment – Luísa Weber Bisol (Brazil)
  • How to create an attendance network focused on suicide prevention? – Juliane de Paula (Brazil)
  • The role of genetics in the suicide behavior and current evidences – Humberto Corrêa (Brazil)
  • Postvention on Suicide Bereaved Families and Professionals How to Help – Alexandrina Meleiro (Brazil)


Round Table 10                                  

Theme: Dialectic behavioral therapy DBT. Biosocial model, strategies and techniques in adults, adolescents and children

Chair: Lia Kunzler (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • History and biosocial model – Leandro Timm Pizutti (Brazil)
  • Treatment modes in DBT – Wilson Vieira Melo (Brazil)
  • Applications of the dialectic behavioral therapy in childhood and adolescence – Lucianne Valdivia (Brazil)
  • Skill training group: evidence, indications and possible formats – Camila Morelatto de Souza (Brazil)


Round Table 11                           

Theme: Psychiatric emergencies conducts in special situations

Chair: Daniel Vasques (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Psychiatric emergencies conduct in the autist spectrum disorder – Gislene Alves (Brazil)
  • Psychiatric emergencies: conducts in pregnant and puerperal women – Elie Calfat (Brazil)
  • Psychiatric emergencies: conduct in fragile elderly people – Luis Motta (Brazil)
  • Psychiatric emergencies: conduct in dissociative and conversion crises – Alexandre Rizkalla (Brazil)


Round Table 12                               

Theme: What if the patient is also bariatric: what is important to know?

Chair: Priscila Gabrielli (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Eating compulsion, alcohol and substance abuse: what is different in this population? – Luciano Billodre Luiz (Brazil)
  • Bariatric surgery and the use of alcohol after the surgery: a vision of a non-psychiatrist specialist – Myriam Moretto (Brazil)
  • Psychopharmacological approach in bariatric patients, is there any rule? – Karin Daniele Mombach (Brazil)
  • Post-operative period after bariatric surgery and psychopathologies – Luiza Heberle (Brazil)


Round Table 13                               

Theme: Lifestyle psychiatry: evidences and implications for research, clinical practice and prevention in mental health

Chair: José Facundo Oliveira (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Evidences and application of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model in prevention and clinical practice in mental health – Alexander Moreira-Almeida (Brazil)
  • Physical exercise and mental health, essential evidences and clinical practice – Felipe Barreto Shuch (Brazil)
  • Spirituality: practical implications for mental health – Alexandre Rezende-Pinto (Brazil)
  • Positive psychiatry – Helena Ferreira Moura (Brazil)


Round Table 14                               

Theme: Labor psychiatry: evolution, perspective and contemporary approach

Chair: Eduardo M. Pimentel (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • The evolution of labor psychiatry and relevance in the contemporary world – Letícia Mameri (Brazil)
  • Perspectives of the most frequent psychiatric disorders and their possible correlations to labor – Frederico Garcia (Brazil)
  • Medicine and life style as a tool for mental health at work – Ana Paula Carvalho (Brazil)
  • Positive psychiatry as a tool for mental health at work – Leonardo Machado (Brazil)


Round Table 15                                  

Theme: Psychiatry in the limit: weight gain after bariatric surgery, repeated attempts to suicide and regret after sexual adaptation surgery

Chair: Leonardo Salvador Gaspar (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Weight gain after bariatric surgery – Fátima Vasconcellos (Brazil)
  • Repeated attempts to suicide – Ängela Miranda-Scippa (Brazil)
  • Regret after sexual adaptation surgery – Carmita H.N. Abdo (Brazil)


Round Table 16                                    

Theme: Authors and contributions for comprehension of researches in spirituality and psychiatry in the XXI century

Chairr: Igor Assis (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters

  • Lionel Corbett, spirituality beyond religion – Anahy Fonseca (Brazil)
  • Relações entre fenômenos sicronísticos e espiritualidade contribuições de Roderick Main – Joel Giglio (SP)
  • Spiritual emergency: dialog between psychiatry and religion – Padre Rino Bonvini (Brazil)
  • William James dialogs with psychanalysis, analytical psychology and spirituality – Pedro Resende (Brazil)


Round Table 17                                  

Theme: Psychopathological paradigm in its epistemic: what direction to take?

Chair: Fernando Uberti Machado (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Scientific translation in psychiatry: challenge and opportunity – Luiz Carlos I. Coronel (Brazil)
  • Psychopathology: what do we know, how do we know it and what don’t we know? Where are we? Aonde estamos? – César Weber (Brazil)
  • The new paradigm of the affective diseases – Mário Francisco p. Juruena (United Kingdom)
  • New technologies and the psychiatric practice – Walmor J. Piccinini (Brazil)


Round Table 18                                

Theme: Neurobiology and spirituality

Chair: Vinicius Pedreira (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Religiosity, spirituality and biological markers in depression – Bruno Paz Mosqueiro (Brazil)
  • Neurobiology and mindfulness evidences and practice – Breno Irigoyen (Brazil)
  • Spiritual experiences and psychosis neurobiology and differential diagnosis – Alessandra Mainieri (Brazil)
  • Genetics and spirituality progress, perspectives – Homero Pinto Vallada Filho (Brazil)


Round Table 19                                  

Theme: Update in generalized anxiety disorder

Chair: Maria da Graça Cantarelli (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Clinical results in a randomized clinical study – Marianna de Abreu Costa (Brazil)
  • TAG diagnosis criteria, comorbidities and implications for clinics and research – Antonio E. Nardi (Brazil)
  • Results in neuro-imaging in a randomized clinical study – Gisele Gus Manfro (Brazil)
  • Results in heart rate variability in a randomized clinical study – Rafael Ferreira-Garcia (Brazil)


Round Table 20                                  

Theme: The psychiatrist and the senses of art

Chair: Henrique Marques Fogaça (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • The influence of Chekhov in narrative psychiatry – Luiz G Guilhermano (Brazil)
  • The need to learn about mental health through art – Ivan Carlos Antonello (Brazil)
  • Aging on the movie screens psychiatric aspects – Alfredo Cataldo Neto (Brazil)
  • Psychiatrist and the relationship with the patient: the art of listening – Nina Furtado (Brazil)


Round Table 21                            

Theme: Depression or depressions: impact of heterogeneity on clinical research

Chair: Leonardo Barbosa (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • The impact of heterogeneity on depression, identification of markers and therapeutic targets – Lucas Spanemberg (Brazil)
  • Psychological interventions in major depression and the impact of heterogeneity – Neusa Sica da Rocha (Brazil)
  • The role of psychometry in the identification of depressive subtypes – Lucas Primo de Carvalho Alves (Brazil)
  • There is a space for staging in clinic: the role of complementary exams – Pedro Mario Pan (Brazil)


Round Table 23                                 

Theme: Updates in psychopharmacology in elderly people

Chair: Maurício Kunz (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Anticholinesterases – Valeska Marinho (Brazil)
  • Mood stabilizers – Alberto Stoppe Jr (Brazil)
  • Antipsychotics – Tíbor Rilho Perroco (Brazil)
  • Antidepressants – Maria da Glória Alves de Carvalho Portugal (Brazil)


Round Table 24                                    

Theme: Neuroscience in clinical practice

Chair: Sergio Tamai (Brasil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Suicide behavior: neuroscientific vision – Marcos Gebara (Brasil)
  • Neural, connectome and behavior networks – Marcelo Allevato
  • Technology and customized medicine in psychiatry – Juliana Nascimento Bancovsky (Brasil)
  • Neuroprogression in bipolar disorder: assessment and treatment – Ives Cavalcante Passos (Brasil)


Round Table 26                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Theme: Special psychogeriatrics topics

Chair: Marcos Paulo Betinardi (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Bipolar disorder and front-temporal dementias differential diagnosis, management and therapy – Gilberto Alves (Brazil)
  • Cognitive decline associated to diabetes mellitus type 2 reviewing the evidence
  • Neuroplasticity associated with depressive therapy what you know about that – Ricardo Barcelos Ferreira (Brazil)
  • Clinical spectrum of the Alzheimer disease clinical variants and differential diagnoses – Leonardo Caixeta (Brazil)


Round Table 27                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Theme: What can we learn about dependency from the stories of Eric Clapton, Whitney Houston, Elton John and Winston Churchill?

Chair: Amanda de G. Pettersen (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Erin John – Analice Gigliotti (Brazil)
  • Eric Clapton – Euclides Gomes (Brazil)
  • Wiston Churchill – Sérgio de Paula Ramos (Brazil)
  • Whitney Houston – Ana Cecilia P. Roselli Marques (Brazil)


Round Table 28                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Theme: RAPS and the psychiatric emergencies

Chair: Rafael Bernardon (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Psychiatric emergency sector and its regulation by SUS – Cintia Azevedo-Marques Perico (Brazil)
  • Epidemiological data and EPS in Brazil – Carlos Eduardo Kerbeg Zacharias (Brazil)
  • EPS attendance in the private sector – Verônica Leite (Brazil)
  • Psychiatric emergency service and its insertion in RAPS in a municipality of 300 thousand inhabitants – Flávia Ismael (Brazil)


Round Table 29                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Theme: Psychiatric inter-consultation and psychiatric palliative care in the general hospital – Practices in high-complexity environments

Chair: Emil Del Corso (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Psychiatric inter-consultation and palliative care in pediatrics – Sonia Palma (Brazil)
  • Psychiatry in the general hospital – death and die – Pedro Katz (Brazil)
  • Oncology from diagnosis to palliative care – Milena Sabino Fonseca (Brazil)
  • Psychiatric inter-consultation and palliative care in geriatrics – Petrus Raulino (Brazil)


Round Table 30                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Theme: Resistant depression: what is it and how to treat it?

Chair: Elias Ajub (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Is there are difference between resistant depression and refractory depression? – Fábio Gomes de Matos e Souza (Brazil)
  • Mood stabilizers in the treatment of resistant depressions – José Alberto Del-Porto (Brazil)
  • How and when to use glutamatergic agents in the treatment of resistant depression? – Acioly L. T. Lacerda (Brazil)
  • What is the current role of ECT and TMS in the treatment of patients with resistant depression? – Paulo Belmonte-de-Abreu (Brazil)


Round Table 31                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Theme: Challenges of forensic psychiatry nowadays How to incorporate technical-scientific progress in psychiatric examination in criminal matter?

Chair: Felipe Wagner da Silva (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Semi-incapacity in criminal responsibility examinations is precise identification of this condition by the expert psychiatrist possible – Leonardo Fernandez Meyer (Brazil)
  • Examination reports on criminal responsibility and lifting the state of dangerousness How to produce documents with satisfactory technical standards without distorting or impairing the expert conclusion? – Jorge Adelino (Brazil)
  • International production of psychiatric symptoms in examination of criminal responsibility and lifting the state of dangerousness How to deal with simulation and factitious disorder diagnoses and how to classify them by the legal terminology? – Alexandre Valença (Brazil)
  • Psychiatric assessment of the risk of violence in cases of personality disorders in the XXI century: How to incorporate scientific progress in the examination for lifting the state of dangerousness – Jacqueline Michelle Segre (Brazil)


Round Table 32                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Theme: Early adversities in evidence: from neurobiology to the long-term effects

Chair: Ana Christina Mageste Pimentel (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Neurobiology of the early adversities – Bruno Mendonça Coêlho (Brazil)
  • Adversidades Precoces e Psicopatologia no Adulto – Geilson Lima Santana (Brazil)
  • Effects of the early adversities in childhood and adolescence – Tatiana M. Assumpção (Brazil)


Round Table 33                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Theme: Highlight to eating compulsion: a comprehensive and current vision

Chair: Renata Rainha (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Treating current evidences and future perspectives pharmacologically – Jose Carlos Appolinario (Brazil)
  • Understanding the phenomenon neurobiological mechanisms – João Chaves Hiluy (Brazil)
  • Hapifed integrated approach: an integrated intervention of weight and food – Mara Fernandes Maranhão (Brazil)
  • Measuring the consequences from the impact in bariatric surgery – Maria Francisca Mauro (Brazil)


Round Table 34                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Theme: Psychopharmacology and sleep

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Psychopharmacology and comorbid insomnia with mental disorders – Almir Ribeiro Tavares Júnior (Brazil)
  • Hypnotics and TCC-I – Regina Margis (Brazil)
  • Use of substances and psychopharmacology of sleep – Camilla Pinna (Brazil)
  • Antidepressants, neuroleptics and sleep – Marcio Zanini (Brazil)


Round Table 35                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Theme: Mental health of medicine students and residents. What is new?

Chair: Gilmara Peixoto Rister (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Impact of the mental health during the course and process of selection for medical residency – Eduardo C. Humes (Brazil)
  • Mental health and quality of life in medicine students current paradigm and perspectives – Daniel Mori (Brazil)
  • Medical residency and development of resilience – Roberta Rossi Grudtner (Brazil)
  • Structuring of support services to medicine students – Sergio Baldassin (Brazil)


Round Table 36                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Theme: Autism hot topics

Chair: Juliana Tainski de Azevedo (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Difficult differential diagnoses – Deisy Mendes Porto (Brazil)
  • Sexuality and autism – Maria Cecília Freitas (Brazil)
  • Early signs how to evaluate in psychiatry – Larissa Zorzi (Brazil)
  • Forensic aspects and rights in autism – Andrezza Paula Brito Silva (Brazil)


Round Table 37                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Theme: Exploring the neurobiology of the bipolar disorder: a translational approach

Chair: José Ricardo Pinto de Abreu (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Na+k+ hypothesis : ATPase in the physiopathology of the bipolar disorder – Samira S. Valvassori (Brazil)
  • Neuro-inflammation markers and neuronal damage in bipolar disorder – Luciano Jornada (Brazil)
  • Biological markers as mediators of the therapeutic response and the progression of the bipolar disorder – Rafael Teixeira de Sousa (Brazil)
  • Artificial intelligence can help comprehend the neurobiology of the bipolar disorder – Flavio Kapczinski (Brazil)



Round Table 38                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Theme: Innovations in interventionist psychiatry

Chair: Angelita M.F. Machado Rios (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Progress and perspectives of virtual reality in psychiatry – Felix Henrique Paim Kessler (Brazil)
  • Clinical applications of transcranial stimulation by direct current – Nathália Janovik (Brazil)
  • Photobiomodulation for psychiatric disorders – Marco Antonio Caldieraro (Brazil)


Round Table 39                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Theme: The biological bases from neurophysiopathology behavior to animal models

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Molecular bases of neuronal physiology in bipolar disorder – João Quevedo (USA)
  • Neuroinflammation and depression: role of the CD300F immunoreceptors in the microglial phenotype and neuron-glia interaction – Manuella Kaster (Brazil)
  • Neuroimmune mechanisms as target for replenishment of pharmaceuticals – Danielle Macêdo (Brazil)
  • Investigating the biological bases of the cognitive dysfunction associated with aging and neurodegenerative diseases – Nadja Schroder (Brazil)


Round Table 40                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Theme: Research in psychiatry: new perspectives in Alzheimer disease, using biomarkers

Chair: Aparício Moraes (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Comparison of the types of light cognitive behavior with biomarkers in their logical neuropsychic and functional neuro-imaging profile: positive biomarkers for Alzheimer disease, positive non-Alzheimer biomarkers and healthy controls – Rafael Brandes Lourenço (Brazil)
  • Plasmatic biomarkers and biomarkers in nuclear medicine in Alzheimer disease – Pedro Rosa-neto (Brazil)
  • Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers in clinical practice of Alzheimer disease – Márcia Radanovic (Brazil)
  • Structural neuro-imaging markers of the Alzheimer disease


Round Table 41                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Theme: Highlights in food intake disorders

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Pregorexia – foot intake disorders in pregnancy – Christina de Almeida Santos (Brazil)
  • Risk of suicide in the population after bariatric surgery – Adriano Segal (Brazil)
  • ARFID – Avoidant restrictive food intake disorder purging disorder – Táki Cordás (Brazil)
  • Pharmacological treatment of the compulsive food intake disorder – Hewdy Lobo Ribeiro (Brazil)


Round Table 42                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Theme: Domestic violence and personality disorders: a discussion beyond gender

Chair: Juberty Antonio de Souza (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Domestic violence and trans-generationality: children of fathers or mothers, who have suffered this experience and grown in this family model, tend to have psychic consequences and identical behavior – Daniel Proenca Feijo (Brazil)
  • Domestic violence and personality disorders: integrating forensic neurosciences and current legislation – Luiz Felipe Rigonatti (Brazil)
  • Forensic aspects of family murderers, with personality disorders and criminal incapacity – Cristina Studart (Brazil)
  • New contemporary types of domestic violence found in the homo-affective relations, assessment of risk and criminal incapacity in these models of relations – José Brasileiro Dourado Junior (Brazil)

Round Table 43                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Theme: From asexuality to sexual compulsion

Chair: Danilo Antonio Baltieri (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Sexual compulsion impulse and the Internet – Arnaldo Barbieri Filho (Brazil)
  • Libido versus asexuality – Carmita H.N. Abdo (Brazil)
  • Neurobiological sexual compensation, hormones, behavioral and emotional factors – Jaqueline Brendler (Brazil)
  • What happens to partnership? – Imacolada Marino Gonçalves (Brazil)


Round Table 44                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Theme: Patients’ will anticipated directives

Chair: Carlos Guilherme da Silva Figueiredo (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Patients’ advanced will directives, what is it? – Vânia Novelli (Brazil)
  • Vital treatment, euthanasia and assisted suicide – Marcos Gebara (Brazil)
  • The healthcare attorney, who is he? – Karin Elisa Schemes (Brazil)
  • Advanced will directives: ethical-juridical conflicts – José Américo Penteado de Carvalho (Brazil)


Round Table 45                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Theme: Development of tools based on evidences for intervention in mental health of children and adolescents

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Challenges and barriers for the implementation of effective care in mental health of children and adolescents considering the regional inequality in Brazil – Lílian Schwanz Lucas (Brazil)
  • Economic impact of the problems in mental health of children and adolescents in Brazil, cost and return on investment related to the implementation of effective care in mental health – Wagner Silva Ribeiro (United Kingdom)
  • Implementing interventions based on evidence for the mental health of young people in Brazil, results from a systematic review of efficient interventions applied in low and medium-income countries – Cristiane Tomasi (Brazil)
  • Mentalkit – A tool for on-line knowledge translation to bring scientific evidence for implementation of the mental health policy for children and adolescents in Brazil – Claudio Miranda (Brazil)


Round Table 47                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Theme: Combined treatment: when the psychiatrist is the prescriber and the conductor of the psychotherapy

Chair: Rosemeri Carvalho Pinheiro Alves (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Combining psychanalysis and psychopharmacotherapy in clinical practice – Marcia Gonçalves (Brazil)
  • The psychotherapy-psychopharmacotherapy duet: challenges of the combined treatment – Maria Célia V. S. Brangioni (Brazil)
  • Combined treatment in the borderline personality disorders in SUS – Madeleine S Medeiros (Brazil)
  • Combining Ericksonian hypnosis and psychopharmacotherapy in clinical practice – Silvia Gomes (Brazil)


Round Table 48                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Theme: What to do when it seems nothing is working? The challenge of the treatment of nervous anorexia

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • When to consider patients with anorexia nervosa resisting treatment – Maria Angélica Nunes (Brazil)
  • Current approaches of patients with anorexia nervosa resisting treatment – Denise Achoa Claudino (Brazil)
  • Cognitive distortions in anorexia nervosa – Elisabeth Meyer (Brazil)
  • Cognitive remediation in anorexia nervosa – Andreza Carla Lopes (Brazil)


Round Table 49                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Theme: The role of the physician in the modern society

Chair: Antônio Geraldo da Silva (Brazil) and Cláudio Martins (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • The role of the physician in the modern society after COVID-19 – Flávio Kanter (Brazil)
  • The physician’s humanist role – Gilberto Schwartsmann (Brazil)
  • What we gain and we lose with technology? – José de Jesus Camargo (Brazil)


Round Table 50                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Theme: Procedural cognitive therapy, behavioral activation, dialectic behavioral activation and positive psychology in psychiatric practice

Chair: Euthymia Prado (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • The integrating power of the procedural cognitive therapy in management of difficult cases – Irismar Reis de Oliveira (Brazil)
  • How to apply behavioral activation therapy to assist the pharmacological treatment of patients with major depressive disorder – Curt Hemanny (Brazil)
  • Strategies to manage borderline personality disorder with dialectic behavioral therapy – Érica Panzani Duran (Brazil)


Round Table 51                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Theme: How can life-style medicine contribute to prevention in mental health?

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Positive psychiatry as a strategy for stress management and prevention of psychic disease – Arthur Danila (Brazil)
  • Building healthy social relations as prevention of mental disorders – Nilo Virgílio Gori Torturella (Brazil)
  • Happiness and its impact on the patient’s and the psychiatrist’ health – Daniel Martinez (Brazil)
  • Life-style interventions in sleep disorders – Lena Nabuco de Abreu (Brazil)


Round Table 53                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Theme: New vision in the psychiatric patient approach

Chair: Alexandre Duarte Gigante (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Use of transcranial magnetic stimulation in depression – Elisa Fasolin Mello (Brazil)
  • Use of neuromodulation in elderly people – Francisco Pascoal jr (Brazil)
  • New approaches in the treatment of anxiety – Fábio Martins Fonseca (Brazil)
  • The rights of mental and behavioral disorder holders – Glaydcianne Pinheiro Bezerra (Brazil)


Round Table 55                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Theme: Epidemia nas redes sociais: do aumento da insatisfação corporal aos transtornos alimentares

Chair: Gustavo Xavier de Azevedo Fernandes (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • The dependency on smartphones and the non-satisfaction with the body image – Julia Khoury (Brazil)
  • Social networks and food intake disorders: evaluation – Ananda Teixeira (Brazil)
  • Psychotherapeutic treatment of the dysfunctional behavior related to body non-satisfaction in the digital era – Jessica Ferreira (Brazil)
  • Food intake disorders in children and adolescents in the digital era – Kelly Pereira Robis (Brazil)


Round Table 56                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Theme: The complexity of the emotional trauma

Chair: Gislene Cristina Valadares (Brazil)

Subtopics and Reporters:

  • Psychodynamics of the trauma – Graziela Stein de Vargas (Brazil)
  • Complex traumas – Adrián Arévalo Alván (Peru)
  • Neurochemistry of the emotional trauma – Carolina Salgado Monares (Chile)
  • Adaptation of therapies focused on emotional trauma in public institutions – Elizabeth Magdalena Rivera Chavez (Peru)
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