Thomas Meyer

Dr. Thomas Meyer is a Professor of Psychiatry at UTHealth at Houston, is Director of the Psychological Intervention and Research Program for Mood Spectrum Disorders, and Co-Director of the UTHealth Brain Collection. He has 25+ years of experience working in Germany, UK, and US.
He has published papers on various topics such as screening for or misdiagnosing bipolar disorders (BD), temperament and risk for BD, and psychosocial treatments for mood disorders. He was the PI of the first RCT of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for BD in Germany, and Co-I on several other funded projects (e.g., family therapy for adolescents with BD, early intervention for individuals at high risk for recurrent mood disorders, MRC ABC [A Bipolar II Cohort] study). Recently he developed an interest in the potential of psychedelic substances for mental health when he was the lead therapist in the international COMPASS trial for treatment resistant depression.



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