Lecture 01

Allan H. Young (United Kingdom)
Theme: Lithium a neglected treatment in Clinical Psychiatry
President: Cláudio Martins (Brazil)

Lecture 02

Eduard Vieta (Barcelona)
Theme: Enhancing the functional outcome of bipolar disorder
President: Jair Soares (USA)

Lecture 03

Gustavo Turecki (Canada)
Theme: How pain shapes the brain: impact of early-life adversity on suicide risk
President: Antônio Geraldo (Brazil)

Lecture 04

John Krystal (USA)
Theme: A Synaptic Hypotheses of PTSD:  Therapeutic Implications
President: Marcelo Feijó (Brazil)

Lecture 05

Katherine Burdick (USA)
Theme:  Does Bipolar Disorder have a Neuroprogressive Course?
President: João Quevedo (USA)

Lecture 06

Sanjay Mathew (USA)
Theme: New drug therapies for Anxiety Disorders and PTSD
President: Antônio Nardi (Brazil)

Lecture 07

Wayne K. Goodman (USA)
Theme: A new frontier in biomarkers for neuropsychiatric disorders: recording from the brain during behavior

Lecture 08

Mehmet Sungur (Turkey)
Theme: Disseminating good practice of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): lessons learned and future challenges
President: Paulo Knapp (Brazil)

Lecture 09

Robin Murray (United Kingdom)
Theme: Should we be more cautious about the long-term prophylactic use of antipsychotics?
President: Ary Gadelha (Brazil)

Lecture 10

Jorge O. Folino (Argentina)
Theme: Partner jealousy and violence
President: Lisieux Telles (Brazil)

Lecture 11

Mauricio Tohen (USA)
Theme: Treatment of first episode Psychosis in the US Hispanic population
President: Ricardo Moreno (Brazil)

Lecture 12

Dost Ongur (USA)
Theme: Diagnostic systems in psychiatry: where are we?
President: João Quevedo (USA)

Lecture 13

Antonio Nardi  (Brazil)
Theme: 40 years of panic disorder: from DSM-III to the future

Lecture 14

Luis Augusto Paim Rohde  (Brazil)
Theme: Personalized Medicine in ADHD: How Close Are We?

Lecture 15

Rodrigo Machado-Vieira (USA)
Theme: New targets and treatments in Mood Disorders

Lecture 16

João Quevedo (USA)
Theme: How can we improve antidepressant adherence in the management of depression?

Lecture 17

Ronaldo Laranjeira (Brazil)
Theme: The psychopharmacology of complex cases in Psychiatry

Lecture 18

Jair Soares (USA)
Theme: Brain mechanisms involved in risk and resilience in bipolar disorder

Lecture 19

Clarissa Gama (Brazil)
Theme: Inflammation and pathological aging: the role of clinicians in the treatment of severe psychiatric disorders